Down App helps you find which of your facebook friends wants to go out on a date with and even more.  We do so, they must also do so, but how do you this can help us achieve?

Down dating app previously known as “Bang with friends” is a facebook application that provides an answer to this question.

You will soon find out if that “like” on your new photo is innocent or means real interest!

The Down application (which can lead to sleep with friends) allows you to connect with yourfriends who are interested in having a relationship with you or just a quick romance.

down mobile dating app

Down dating app is discrete:

The highlight of this application lies in its discretion! Imagine that in your friends list you said “down to bang” (I would like to have sex with her) for 10 of them.

They receive no notification of this information in a first time. If one of them is using the application and that it also clicks “down to bang” when you receive it as notifying you of the common desire to sleep with each other.

Discretion and efficiency are the two advantages that should make this application a success!

down dating app

Down The hottest dating app on the market:

For those who do not remember, Down creators had made much noise there a little over a year creating Bang with friends, a Facebook application that allowed you to propose relationships “casual” to your facebook contacts anonymously that could only be realized if they expected the same of you.
Today, riding the wave of dating-apps, they propose Down, an application based on the same principle: friends facebook scroll across the screen, you slide on the sides; it is a next, up : it is a proposal of appointment and down: it is a more intimate proposal. As was the case with its predecessor, you like your contact will be notified if the feeling is mutual.
If Down is not yet widely used in Europe, it is clearly destined to become so soon, especially since a app offers you the option to invite your friends anonymously. Simple and effective!

Use Down Dating App anonymously:

Down with Friends or Bang that allowed to propose a quick romance to your contacts facebook anonymously!

The app shows you one after the other Facebook friends, and you must answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the question of whether you would like to have sex with that person. Here again, users do not know what answer the others have given them. Only in case of correspondence a message.

Down offers a choice in 3 dimensions:

Place profile
Liker for a time (Get Date); Swipe up
Liker for a sex (Get Down); Swipe down

So if the guy chosen to go out on a date first, and the the girl chose to Get Down; there will be no match. The rule applies only in cases of a similar choice.

Down dating app, Meet people you already know

use down app to meet new people
You want sex but with people you know? Have you always wondered if that guy friendé on Facebook after an evening wanted your body? Or if you had a chance with that girl from high school? You still mourn the demise of the old poke on Facebook? Discover Bang With Friends (“fuck friend”), an application to the simple objective: put you in touch with your Facebook friends are leaving for a sex with you.

All interest / originality of the app is that nobody declares unilaterally: take as an example, to the chance and for glory, Jean-Laurent and Cecile. They work in the same open space and does not want to risk get a big wind, which pummel the atmosphere at work.

Down App formerly Bang With Friends is based on your Facebook friends. We all have unfulfilled fantasies with our old friends and therefore, this application is designed to streamline this relationship. You score a friend and if the brand you turn in the application, then climbed the curtain begins. If the friend (e) does not mark you, then you can always put it on the ear.